Terry de Gunzburg Bottle
By Terry

One of the beauty industry’s leading creatives, Terry de Gunzburg first made her mark in the world of beauty, working with Yves Saint Laurent, today she is the face and founder of her own Beauty range BY TERRY.

Since 2012, Terry has also turned her attention to the perfumery world and has collaborated with the world’s most-celebrated perfumers – Michel Almairac, Jacques Fleury, Arthur Le Tourneur d’Ison, Karine Vinchon Spehner and Sidonie Lancesseur – to create her eponymous range of HAUTE PARFUMERIE, TERRY DE GUNZBURG. Her fragrances are composed in Grasse, in keeping with the purest traditions of Haute Parfumerie, and celebrate, as Terry wishes, the rare and the precious.

So whether you’re besotted with the sexiness of oud or love the soft, nostalgic femininity of iris, this delectable range has a fragrance to ‘fit’. And with characteristically chic, temptingly tactile glass bottles, each adorned with a drop of mercury, the signature of any BY TERRY product.

It can be found on the top of perfume bottles, or beautifully protecting a blush or powder, or adorning a box. It’s a true object of beauty, behind which lie treasures of technology and sophistication.

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